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The Nanuan's Automobile car repair service offers quality repairs at great prices, and the delivery of exceptional service receives the highest priority. Visit the Nanuan's car workshop and let highly trained automotive professionals provide service to your vehicle. From the basic oil changes to the most complicated engine repairs and transmission jobs, it is the integral focus of your vehicle.


Free Pick-up & delivery

Nanuan's Automobiles Service Station offers free pick-up & drop facilities from your home/workplace because we want to save our customer’s precious time.Feel free to call us.

Thorough car diagnosis services

We have advanced equipment to know the root cause of the problem. Our auto diagnostic testing service is reliable and can analyze any hidden problem.

Our diagnostic services include

Inspection of related components, research of Technical elements,system analysis, Pin Point testing, component diagnosis, etc.

Our Services

Forget all the pain that you get because of your car. Let us take care of all your worries at Nanuan’s Automobiles car service center in Mohali.

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